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Bijabhat, Bhatapara (CG)

Name of the House - Shivaji
Colour Representation - Red
Valued For - Bravery
Name of the House - Tagore
Colour Representation - Green
Valued For - Humanism
Name of the House - Asoka
Colour Representation - Blue
Valued For - Kindness
Name of the House - Raman
Colour Representation - Yellow
Valued For - Creativeness
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  • One of the main objectives of the House is to foster among the students a sense of collective responsibilities and solidarity and at the same time kindle and develop the creative qualities latent in every child.


  • It is the House System that enables to channelize the energies of our pupils in the right direction and they will become competent enough to meet the school life with all complex activities with an undaunted enthusiasms and vigor.
  • Teachers and the Students are divided into four houses across the School.
  • Each house has a House Master or House Mistress, House Teachers, assisted by House Captains and Prefects.
  • Several competitions are conducted on an Inter House basis. Student prepare and practice
  • their skills before participating in Inter House Competitions.
  • House Uniform is to be worn on the days of sports period/ Inter House activities.
  • Open and maximum participation of the students is allowed so students can show their hidden talent and skills and polish further for overall personality development.
  • In the end of the session a Champion Trophy is awarded to the House aggregating the highest points in all co-scholastic activities during the session.

Aadharshila is an English medium, co-educational school that was established in the year 2014 with the objective of offering global standard of education, both in thought and action of CBSE curriculum from Pre-Primary to Senior Secondary classes to increase the sense of pride that permeated the whole school and surrounding community.

It has a 4 acre campus includes high quality facilities that enable students to excel in sports and the expressive arts, as well as in their studies. The student population consists of some 800 students. Aadharshila took no time in capturing its position among the best schools in chattisgarh due to its constant endeavour to balance the education with scholastic and co- scholastic activities. The school is committed to expose their learners to all 21 st century skills in order to prepare them as global citizen epitomising the motto “ Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktayef”. A state of art infrastructure is combined with experienced, qualified and highly committed professional teachers to bring the learning alive in and outside the classrooms. We have not only left our invincible mark in the field of academic but our extremely dedicated sports coaches and performing arts faculties have also helped students to achieve national and global recognition.

Message of the Director

Dear Parents and loving Students,

It gives me immense pleasure to communicate to you that Aadharshila Sr. Sec.School, Bijabhat, Bhatapara is not only a school having four walls, beautiful infrastructure and lovely premises where children learn and play with their peer groups, but it is fairly more than that in its conception. From the stage of its womb the ‘Aadharshila’ has come into shape as a dream project for the people of Bhatapara and its peripheral community. This is mainly for the educational benefits with all amenities required to meet challenges of modern era. The main aim of this institution is to inculcate moral, ethical and spiritual values among our future generation.

I personally believe that each child is endowed with divine potential and if nurtured righteously, he/she can attain peerless heights.

Therefore, my sole aim is to tap and channelize their energy, mind, and soul power imbibing good human values among them along with formal education and groom them into responsible and sincere global citizens with an essence of Indian values.


Our logo conveys our quest for true knowledge and


Principal's Words

I am pleased and privileged to be the principal ofAadharshila Senior Secondary School. Aadharshila  has established a reputation for academic and holistic excellence through the hard work of our students, teachers, parents, and staff at a school with such a rich tradition both in and out of the classroom. We, on the other hand, do not believe in complacency. Our country’s education is changing into a new form, shifting from content to concept. We, too, are committed and dedicated to overcome the paradigm shift difficulty. The school is embracing and adjusting the modifications in a comprehensive manner.

Location: There are many ways to get to Aadharshila school for Children, which is located in Bhatapara City in the Baloda Bazar-Bhatapara district of the state of Chhattisgarh, India. Bhatapara is well connected by rail and road. From Raipur 80 km and 60 km form Bilaspur, People can reach by car and public transport easily.Nearest Airport is in Raipur city.    © 2023 Adharshila School.